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Welcome to my blog


Here begins my gentle nudge into the world of the blog - never been here before - seems a strange country to me!

Over the next month I shall keep a journal here of my experiences of taking a single project from concept through to completion.

This project is to make an adult sized Mr Toad character for a school to sit beside thier outdoor theatre stage.

By waysidewillow, May 1 2019 02:15PM

Mr Toad
Mr Toad

Here it begins: my gentle nudging forward into the world of the Blog. I thought I woud try this out on a single project. Over the next month I will keep a journal here of the process and (perhaps) frustrations of taking a piece from concept to completion.

This is a great project and I'm loving it already.

A school that has links with the RSC has an outdoor theatre stage in thier grounds. They have commissioned me to create a sculptural figure. At the end of February I was sent a batch of pictures and the one above is the one I have selected to baae this sculptural form on. All the pictures were Wind-In-The-Willows characters.

This character presents me with a few challenges; one of which is that there are many different representation of Mr Toad in both film and illustrationn, so do I try to make him look like one of these, or just pull out some key features of different ones, or competely ignore them all and do my own? I can procrastinate on that for a while as my starting point is to make the base, which I shall get cracking on tomorrow.

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